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Happy b-day,Jesus! :D
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fuck fuck fuck
I hate it I hate it I hate it
I knew it. I knew it would be back again. the panic, the angst, the knot in my throat
that stupid thing when you’re supposed to breathe but your throat is choked
and you’re out of breath
you count, you flail you, try to move
it spins, you or the room, the whole world
you want to kick but nothing feels stable
and it’s early morning
it takes you minutes
that feel like ages
pulse racing like the hounds of hell
it stops.
for a second. then for a minute.
now it’s just in my bones. just a dull pain. a throb.
a distant, remote reminder of all that you feel. or don’t.
this helps. I guess. or I’m just taming the beast.
until the next time.

You tell me to smile like I'm here to please, just some meat,
How to dress, what to say, and then act as if I asked for it,
Try to shame me with standards that you would never keep,
As if I should have asked permission or repent for everything I’ve ever did.

Oh, my...
What's a little blood between the two of us?
It's not like I called you back for more once you left the house,
You should have kept your mouth shut, but no, you had to brag,
Well, watch it, boy, cause your balls are about to get cracked.

I'd call you a dick,
but we both know what you're packing there is more of a mini-thing,
You seem to think you're so mother-fuckin' slick...
But dear, lezbihonest here...
Your waist is the only thing you can call thick.

Sure, call me names while you're at it,
I'm just lettin' out some of the anger that you've helped build,
Relax, you're the kind of mistake I don't ever intend to repeat.
... Oh, fuck this... I just needed to breathe!
a slimy blob dragging herself through the sewers,
a burning heat, suffocating you like a muddy swamp,
a putrid orchid, chocking the life out of you with its stench,
an unravelled sweater, pierced by moths, the picture of unkempt,
a medical cabinet, filled with lethal potions that you’d better keep locked,
a tod that had its legs cut off at birth, dissected in the lab of a mad scientist,
grey-greenish as a disembowelled corpse left to be devoured by the savage elements.
She’s my chemistry teacher and I’ve despised her from the second that we’ve met.



Ea e
o mâzgă lipicioasă ce se târăște prin canale,
o căldură înăbușitoare ce te sufocă la fel ca o mlaștină mâloasă,
o orhidee putredă ce îți sugrumă și ultima răsuflarea cu duhoarea ei,
un pulover dezlânat, mâncat de molii, o întruchipare șleampătă a delăsării,
un dulap de medicamente, umplut cu poțiuni letale, pe care e mai bine să le ții sub cheie,
o broască râioasă cu picioarele ciuntite la naștere, disecată în laboratorul unui savant dement,
gri-verzuie ca un cadavru eviscerat și lăsat în voia sorții ca să fie devorat de elementele naturii.
E profa de chimie și o detest din clipa când ne-am cunoscut.

it’s like I’m trippin’ on borrowed feelings
and my moods ain’t mine
and there’s no pattern to my beat
and I’m sad although I can see all the great things
and I’m happy despite the world collapsing from within
and there’s The Bubble, The Darks, and all the numbness in between.

so, yeah.

it's so insane cause when it's going good, it's feeling great
and when it's bad it's like a candle you put out of flame
running on fumes and trudging through each day
a semblance of routine to keep the edges thin
and find some balance between euphoria
and striking the right amount of sleep.

bit more than just mood swings.




In cyclothymia, moods fluctuate from mild depression to hypomania and back again. In most people, the pattern is irregular and unpredictable. Hypomania or depression can last for days or weeks. In between up and down moods, a person might have normal moods for more than a month -- or may cycle continuously from hypomanic to depressed, with no normal period in between.




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